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Craven County Law Enforcement Officer's Association Building

Attention all CCLEOA Members:

Attention CCLEOA Members
We will be moving our meetings back to the second Tuesday of each month beginning with our March 12th evening meeting.
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday March 12, 2024
Dinner at 6:00
Our meeting will begin at 6:30
If you are not receiving emails from CCLEOA, please check your spam and/or junk folders.
You should be getting at least 2 emails every month.

We are in need of two volunteers to help out with our Meeting Fund.

This will consist of selling tickets prior to our meetings, tearing tickets and counting the proceeds.
If you would like to help out, please come to our meeting early when members start to arrive.
Thank You

Our evening Dinner and Meeting time has been changed.
Dinner will be at 6:00 pm.
Our meeting will begin at 6:30 pm


Reminder to all Members: Sunday Range Hours are 1300 until 1800 hours.


Volunteer Cleaning Teams

Rick Cornell has volunteered to manage the cleaning crews and was approved by the board.

If you would like to volunteer to be on a crew, please contact Rick at:

(301) 639-2880



Membership application for CCLEOA

Attention to anyone that would like to apply for membership to CCLEOA. Please DO NOT mail a membership application to the PO Box.

You must be in attendance at a meeting, with the required paperwork to be considered, and be voted on for membership. Please contact me for more information. steve@ccleoa.org

We now have a small dumpster for garbage ONLY

We now have a small dumpster for garbage ONLY. Please do NOT put paper, or cardboard in it. There is a trailer for paper and cardboard.

Pistol Shooters

It is requested that pistol shooters use the area on the left side of the pistol range and refrain from using the area in front of the turning targets.
Railroad ties with appropriately spaced holes for dowels have been added in that area.
This request is made to reduce the damage caused to the turning targets by stray shots and walking over the air lines to place targets.
The area on the left side has been set up to alleviate the need to climb over the ties to set targets and is more suitable for casual shooting.

Thank you, Executive Board

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