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Craven County Law Enforcement Officer's Association Building

Attention all CCLEOA Members:

WORK DAY #3 SATURDAY Sept. 9, 2023
8AM-Coffee & Donuts, and SIGN IN
Lunch served at NOON
Clean up of range- pick up trash, fallen limbs, branches
Fill potholes
Test range lights
Vacuum barricade holes
Check target ropes. Replace as needed.
Clean gutters
Burn Brush
Side berms cut and remove trees and bushes. Trim grass back 4 feet.
Impact berms cut and trim all vegetation.
Trim over hanging branches along the left side of the rifle range.
Paint poles along the rifle range.
Clean and level area behind fuel building
Clean and organize, mower building, move locker and install work bench.
Finish installing electrical panel in mower shed.
Bring Safety items, gloves, glasses ,boots, etc.
We do not have tools for everybody, please bring tools such as:
chain saw, weed eaters hedge cutter, and any fuel and oil they use. we only have gas and mixed gas of 50/1 ratio.
brush cutters
loping shears
pole saw
Anything else that will help complete our projects.
This is the Third Work Day
Sign in By 9:00 am
Any questions call DENNIS WAGNER (252) 670-8548
NOTE: Mowing IS NOT a Project, that is Scheduled already.

Reminder to all Members: Sunday Range Hours are 1300 until 1800 hours.


Volunteer Cleaning Teams

The volunteer Cleaning Teams are keeping our building as clean and sanitary as possible. They are wiping down door handles, light switches, hard surfaces etc.

Our range will remain open

Our range will remain open, per Joe Heckman. Please keep Social Distance at least 6 feet or more.

Membership application for CCLEOA

Attention to anyone that would like to apply for membership to CCLEOA. Please DO NOT mail a membership application to the PO Box.

You must be in attendance at a meeting, with the required paperwork to be considered, and be voted on for membership. Please contact me for more information. steve@ccleoa.org

We now have a small dumpster for garbage ONLY

We now have a small dumpster for garbage ONLY. Please do NOT put paper, or cardboard in it. There is a trailer for paper and cardboard.

Pistol Shooters

It is requested that pistol shooters use the area on the left side of the pistol range and refrain from using the area in front of the turning targets.
Railroad ties with appropriately spaced holes for dowels have been added in that area.
This request is made to reduce the damage caused to the turning targets by stray shots and walking over the air lines to place targets.
The area on the left side has been set up to alleviate the need to climb over the ties to set targets and is more suitable for casual shooting.

Thank you, Executive Board

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